22 Ways to Make Your 2022 Better | (اُردُو/HINDI)


Point # 1: Always wear a watch

  • Not wearing a watch
    • Car without a speedometer
  • For me analogue watches work
    • Visualize
    • Not take off, no charging required
  • Time on phone
    • Notifications problem

Point # 2: Make your journey more accountable than the results

  • Example: Uni graduate
    • Semester-wise, monthly, weekly goals
    • Achieve better results
    • at the end of the uni
  • I make daily, monthly, quaterly goals
    • Just like in companies
    • So its easier for me to keep a track of my life.
  • If youre interested,
    • Check my 22 goals for 22 video.

Point # 3: Reinvent yourself

  • Invention say yeh word nikla hai
    • And hamari aik invented personality hoti hai
      • Which everyone is aware of
  • In 2022 we have to be fast
  • So just try out something for a speicific timer
    • give your best in it
    • And after a while if it doesnt work out
    • Just move forward
  • Example of guitar and piano

Point # 4: Talk to Mentors & Role models

  • Find yourself very good mentors and role models
  • studying in Germany
    • find mentors with similar background
    • advice and guidence
    • dont spend time in trials and error(youtube google search etc)
  • mentors are guides.
    • similar vision
    • like minded
    • dont depend fully
    • improvise

Point # 5: Trust your gut

  • Mentors ko sun lia but we need to yourselves too
  • Aksar we just listen to someone else is saying
    • Apnay andar ki awaz ko nahi suntay
  • This is also imp
  • Because dosra banda itna judge nahi kar sakta apko
  • Maybe you are actually good at something
    • And the other person doesn’t know about it

SECTION 2:money


  • budgeting techniques revised
  • expenses mujhe khud manage karnay partay hain
    • food
    • traveling
    • member ships
    • social fees
    • grocery
  • money monitor
    • categorizes expenses
    • monitors budget for each category
    • weekly, monthly daily
  • safe money
    • cut down on unneccesary
    • detailed video link in description

Point # 7: Develop passive sources of income

  • advantages of passive income
    • financial stability
    • work on your passions and hobby
    • create your own retirement plan
    • buy more freedom
    • expand skils set
  • I can give my example
    • I had a job but also my agency
    • And it helped me earn more money than my job
    • I could fund my master

Point # 8: Find like-minded people

  • “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”
    • This is my motto
  • My goal: interact with like minded people
    • Open idea sharing
    • relate ideas and grow together
    • this gives alag level ki energy aur motivation
    Point # 9: Make space for others in your life
    • You can;t live your life alone
      • And need people around you
    • We need to accept people
      • different opinons
      • contracting lifestyle
    • Secondly,
      • friend need house moving help
      • I should try to take time out
      • helps connect with your altruistic side
      • strengthens bond with your friend
    Point # 10: Acknowledge all emotions
    • We handle emotions weirdly
      • Nafrat zahir karna is way more easy than khushi/mohabbat
    • 2 years ago my father passed away
      • Saw death and ghum from v close pov
      • insensitive hain positivity ki taraf
    • i need to be more open minded about every emotion

Point # 11: Find a purpose

  • its okay to not have a purpose in life
  • accepting to live without a purpose
  • my own purpose in life
    • helping people
    • 12 rules of life” by Jordan Peterson
    • treat yourself like a person who is responsible for helping others
  • why yo should have a purpose in life
    • create an impact in the society
    • feeling of accomplishment
    • motivation
    • living a value-added life
  • find a purpose in life
    • get inspired
    • ready to learn

Point # 12: Learn a new language or instrument

  • is maths a subject or language?
  • music, like any other language is a way of expression
  • i tried to learn guitar
    • joined clsses
    • 100% investment
    • did not work out
  • decided to learn piano
  • learn new languages every decade
    • mastering in german at the moment

Point # 13: Boring Fundamentals

  • zindagi mai kuch basic kaam
    • grocery shopping kay kis tarhan ki cheezain lena woh bhi budget mai
    • gardening karna
    • gaari saaf karna
    • gaari saaf karna
    • simple electronic appliances theek karna
    • kamra saaf karna
  • need mai nay germany akar feel ki
  • basic life skills ka know how hona chahiye
  • basic interior designing ideas honi chahiye
  • sensible fashion aapko represent karta hai aur aapkay baray mai bohat kuch bolta hai

Point # 14: Daily exercise and sports

  • Advantages of excersising
    • better metabolism
    • uplifted mood
    • stay in shape
  • I started doing sports after coming to germany
    • routine
    • higher productivity
    • mental and physical health
    • refreshess mind
    • most of my work is on screen so it helped me balance physical activites

Point # 15: Healthy eating

  • “You are what you eat”
  • Advantages
    • better mood
    • improved gut health
    • strong bones and teeth
    • reduce risk of chronic diseases
    • active and fresh through out the day

Point # 16: Drinking lots of water

  • Talked about eating but drinking water is also imp
  • Minimum you should drink 1 liter of water
  • why
    • maintains water level in body
    • regulate body processes
    • keeps skin healthy
    • keeps your body teperature down
  • i carry a bottle of water with me
  • every one should

Point # 17: Share your work

  • impactful things we did are just forgetten.
  • properly market things you did well.
  • show kaisay you created an impact in the company in sales, or writing good software
    • If you are a graphic designer, show your work proeprly on behance
    • good portoflio
    • Same goes for other professions

Point # 18: Learn to work in a team

  • kahin na kahin team mai kaam kar rahay hotay hain
    • leading postion
    • following orders
    • working along side colleagues
    • alag alag logon kay saath mil kar kaam kartay ho
  • be as professional and approachable as possible
  • as a team lead mai koshish karta hoon kay mai saray members kay liye accomodating hoon
    • productivity maximum ho
    • communication is the key
    • make sure everyone is on the same page
    • fixed time for follow ups and feedback meetings with all members

Point # 19: Overprepare than go with the flow

  • go with the flow is not the best way to tackle life
  • value your efforts and resources
  • i tend to over prepare
    • har step of the journey jab mai full dedication say karta hoon
    • koi gray areas na hon, i give it my 100%
    • koi bhi cheez qismat par nahi chor sakta
    • plan and information for anything
  • when i move to germny
    • prepared everything before hand
      • acomodation
      • part time job
      • city layout
      • campuss

Point # 20: Create a productive environment

  • friction free enviroment around your work.
    • someone who works with computers a lot, have your specific desk setup.
    • someone who has alot of paper wok should know have a paper organizer
    • Have a proper desk
  • advatnages of having a proper desk setup
    • boost productivity
    • reduces stress levels
    • Improves Creative Thinking Skills
    • organiztion
    • clutered desk clutered mind

Point # 21: Maintain a to-do list

  • advatngeas of maintianing a to-do list
    • helps you set priorities
    • Breaks Goals Into Action Points
    • tracks your progress
    • Brings Structure To The Day
    • Better Time Management

point # 22: The Pareto Principle

  • 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes
    • to aj say hi shuru hojao agar kal ko kuch chaiey
  • never leave anything for tommorow
    • tommorow never comes
    • someday is no day
  • reflect on yourself
    • explore your interest
  • food for thought
    • What would you do if you didn’t have to think about money?

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