Personal Appointment with Saifoo


Book an appointment and get consultation about student visa and work visa in Germany.



The session will be beneficial for the following target groups:

  • Foreigners who are planning to come to Germany for any purpose

During your planning about the journey to Germany, it is sometimes possible that you might reach some places, after which you wish there was somebody to answer all of these questions for you. If this situation says something to you, just apply for a 1-hour private guidance session, talk with Saifoo and clear your doubts about anything related to Germany.
Some of the suggestions for a session could be:

  • Guidance for Accommodation search
  • Suggestions for finding internships in Germany
  • Course selection
  • Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Germany
  • Support in choosing to move into a city or the other
  • Some application for the university or registration processes in Germany
  • Guidance to arrive at a decision when you are at an important pivoting point in life and don’t know what exactly you should do
  • Or just any another issues that you might need support with

Make notes of the questions you want to ask, write them in the remarks section while putting up your order, so that a lot of your time doesn’t get wasted. Once you have made the booking, we will reach out to you with relevant times.


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